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Incredible Results ...

Our program members consistently achieve their health and wellness goals, allowing them to transform their lives in ways they'd never imagined possible. 


Anna F

I’m feeling so good! This program taught me what it feels like to live healthy. I have energy and am able to keep up with my very busy life! I’m so thankful for this program and how it has improved my life! 


I started my program with foggy brain, stress, overwhelm, fatigue, weight gain, racing heart, aches and pains, and a lack of enthusiasm and joy. Now I've lost over 20lbs, have increased energy and clarity, and a new sense of optimism about my future health. I'm in less pain and the overwhelm is much less even though my life still has the same stressors. I'm grateful for these new-to-me wellness principles and now have a great foundation on which to build. I believe whole-heartedly I will continue to change, grow, and succeed!


Wow, just wow! I'd been feeling yucky for such a long time that I'd forgotten what it was like to feel good. I was worried that I'd fall back to bad habits but found getting through the holidays wasn't difficult. I didn't have cravings and kept this cart on the rails. I'm only a few weeks into my program and it's already exceeded my expectations.


My rheumatoid arthritis pain was so high that I was facing more medications that had significant risk to my long term health. The medications were giving me brain fog, I was irritable with my family and wished I could just have a healthy conversation with them. I was unhappy and considering early retirement which I didn't want. In my program I was able to eliminate 3 medications and I'm almost off the 4th. Now I have little to no RA pain, I can exercise regularly, and I feel healthier and happier! I have the freedom to do chores around the house and no longer feel frustrated because my relationships with family are better. 

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