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Meet Dr. Koontz

Hey! I'm so glad you're here checking us out! I'm Dr. Camille Koontz at your service. I'm the medical director at NCNM house, a naturopathic clinic and healing center in Bellingham with over 40 years of service to the community. I'm so proud to carry on this legacy and help you tap into the services here that are going to be a good fit for you. 


The contribution that bring me the most pride has been creating Resilience Wellness Programs. We work with folks all over the state of Washington to find natural and sustainable health and longevity. We recognize that so many people are suffering in the conventional medical system and we have intentionally moved away from a system that is simply not working. We are on a mission to end needless suffering and empower you to regain the sense of control that's lost to anyone facing chronic symptoms. 


Individualized programs allow us to create a plan that's going to address the roots of your illness, teach you to tools to make sustainable changes, and mentor you when challenges arise on your journey. 


My journey into healthcare started at age 19 when I got my first job drawing blood samples for a little community hospital while I studied nursing. After graduating from Humboldt State University with my bachelors of nursing, I found myself becoming more and more disappointed with the approach of hospital medicine for chronic disease. My heart broke for the folks who were trapped in a system that managed symptoms with pills and procedures instead of addressing the cause and reversing disease. Burned out from being another cog in the giant healthcare system and feeling totally disempowered, I took ownership of my destiny and attended Bastyr University to earn my doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. Now I have the tools and mindset needed to put the missing pieces together and help others to take ownership of their own journeys. I know how to rebuild, repair, and create health and wellness in the body. It's my greatest joy to see others get unstuck and gain the courage to choose independence and ownership. Everyone wins when we take care of ourselves because we then have so much more to give.


I look forward to partnering with you, revealing the missing pieces, and getting you on a path to the life of your dreams.

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