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Holistic Autoimmune Clinic | Bellingham, WA

Welcome to Resilience Health and Wellness, a leading functional medicine clinic in Bellingham, WA, focusing on autoimmune conditions. We understand the frustration and challenges faced by individuals who haven’t yet found relief from autoimmune conditions. In many cases, conventional methods don’t do the trick. 


Instead of simply managing pain and symptoms, we believe in addressing the root cause of your condition using functional medicine. This approach offers you the possibility of reversing autoimmune conditions and regaining control over your health.


You deserve the best holistic autoimmune care in Bellingham. If you’d like to get started with us, watch our eye-opening masterclass. This video will share more about functional medicine and help you decide if Resilience is right for you.

The Best Autoimmune Care is Personalized

At Resilience Health and Wellness, we know that each person's journey to health is unique, which is why we offer personalized wellness plans for every client. We take the time to understand your specific needs, concerns, and health history, tailoring our approach to suit your individual requirements. Autoimmune conditions don’t come in tidy packages. Your symptoms will differ based on a number of factors. Don’t settle for cookie-cutter solutions. Get the one-on-one attention you need to improve your autoimmune outcomes.


5 Common Causes of Autoimmune Conditions and Inflammation

Autoimmunity and inflammation can arise from various factors, and at Resilience Health and Wellness, we focus on five significant contributors:

1. Genetics

While genetics alone may not be the sole cause of autoimmune conditions, they do play a significant role in determining an individual's susceptibility to developing such conditions. Certain genetic factors can make some people more predisposed to autoimmune disorders than others. These genetic predispositions may involve variations in immune system genes or genes responsible for regulating inflammation. Individuals with a family history of autoimmune diseases may have a higher likelihood of experiencing similar health challenges. However, it is important to remember that genetics are just one piece of the puzzle, and environmental factors also play a crucial role in triggering autoimmune responses.

2. Environmental Toxins

It’s nearly impossible to completely escape environmental toxins. Each day, we are exposed to a wide range of environmental toxins, including heavy metals, pollutants, pesticides, and chemicals present in air, water, and food. Prolonged exposure to these toxins can lead to an accumulation in the body, causing chronic inflammation and damaging immune system function. Environmental toxins can disrupt the body's delicate balance, leading to autoimmune responses as the immune system mistakenly attacks its own tissues. By reducing exposure to environmental toxins and supporting the body's detoxification processes, functional medicine aims to alleviate the burden on the immune system and reduce inflammation.

3. Gut Issues

The gut plays a crucial role in overall health and immunity, and an imbalanced gut microbiome can significantly impact autoimmune conditions. The gut is home to trillions of microorganisms that form a complex ecosystem known as the gut microbiome. When this delicate balance is disrupted by factors like poor diet, stress, infections, or overuse of antibiotics, it can lead to dysbiosis - an imbalance of beneficial and harmful bacteria in the gut. The body responds with inflammation, which can lead to or exacerbate autoimmune disorders. 


Functional medicine aims to restore gut health through targeted dietary interventions, probiotics, and other therapies to support a healthy gut microbiome and reduce inflammation.

4. Stress

Chronic stress can take a toll on both mental and physical health, and it can also have a significant impact on the immune system. When exposed to chronic stress, the body releases stress hormones like cortisol, which, in excess, can lead to immune system suppression. A weakened immune system may result in increased vulnerability to infections and heightened autoimmune responses. Additionally, stress can disrupt the balance of gut bacteria and contribute to gut permeability, further exacerbating autoimmune conditions. 


At Resilience Health and Wellness, we emphasize stress management techniques such as mindfulness, meditation, and relaxation exercises to help restore immune function and support overall well-being.

5. Poor Nutrition

The food we consume provides essential nutrients that are vital for proper immune function and overall health. A diet high in processed foods, refined sugars, unhealthy fats, and low in essential nutrients can lead to chronic inflammation and weaken the immune system. Nutrient deficiencies, such as vitamin D, vitamin C, and omega-3 fatty acids, can impair immune responses and increase the risk of autoimmune conditions. Functional medicine focuses on personalized nutrition plans that emphasize whole, nutrient-dense foods to reduce inflammation, support immune function, and promote overall wellness. 


By addressing poor nutrition and providing the body with the necessary building blocks for health, we aim to alleviate autoimmune symptoms and support the body's natural healing processes.

Sally’s Testimonial Shows the Benefits of Holistic Autoimmune Care in Bellingham, WA

Our holistic autoimmune care offers numerous benefits, with patients often experiencing increased energy and vitality, reduced pain and inflammation, enhanced mental clarity and focus, improved digestion and gut health, better sleep patterns, a strengthened immune system, and increased resilience to stress.


This is Sally’s story:


"My rheumatoid arthritis pain was so high that I was facing more medications that had significant risk to my long term health. The medications were giving me brain fog, I was irritable with my family and wished I could just have a healthy conversation with them. I was unhappy and considering early retirement which I didn't want. In my program I was able to eliminate 3 medications and I'm almost off the 4th. Now I have little to no RA pain, I can exercise regularly, and I feel healthier and happier! I have the freedom to do chores around the house and no longer feel frustrated because my relationships with family are better."


Our 4-Step Process

Our functional medicine process follows four essential steps to address the root cause of your autoimmunity. Each client goes through this process so that we can learn about their health situation and provide the best, most in-depth wellness plan possible. 

Step 1: Initial Consultation

During this comprehensive evaluation, our experienced practitioners will take the time to understand your medical history, lifestyle, and specific health concerns.

Step 2: Testing

We utilize cutting-edge diagnostic tests to gain a deeper insight into your body's unique biochemical and physiological functions, helping us identify any underlying imbalances or triggers for your autoimmune condition.

Step 3: Personalized Wellness Plan

Based on the insights gained from the consultation and testing, we create a customized wellness plan tailored to your specific needs. This plan may include dietary recommendations, lifestyle changes, supplements, and other natural therapies to support your body's healing process.

Step 4: Follow-Up and Support

Our team will continue to guide and support you throughout your healing journey. We will monitor your progress, make any necessary adjustments to your wellness plan, and provide ongoing support to ensure you achieve the best possible results.

Take the Next Step in Finding Holistic Autoimmune Care Today!

If you're seeking a holistic autoimmune clinic in Bellingham, WA, look no further. We invite you to join our Resilience Health and Wellness masterclass to discover more about functional medicine and how it can help you reclaim your health and well-being. 


Together, we can work towards reversing autoimmunity and creating a healthier, more resilient you. Click below to gain access to our content.

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