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Naturopathic Results: Break Free From Your Symptoms

You may be one of the millions of Americans who are realizing that the mainstream healthcare system is not equipped to deliver quality healthcare. At least not in all situations. If this describes you, then you’ve likely investigated other types of medicine such as naturopathic medicine while exploring different ways to relieve chronic illness, autoimmune disorders, fatigue, inflammation, and hormonal imbalances.

In fact, you may not even be searching for ways to treat these conditions because they’re not often addressed by allopathic mainstream doctors. Inflammation and hormone imbalance are often at the root of many other health conditions, but today’s healthcare system will simply treat symptoms without getting to the root cause.

Naturopathic results are different. At Resilience Health And Wellness, our program was founded by practitioners who once were part of mainstream medicine - only to feel heartbroken by what they saw. What they saw were patients trapped in a system that was heavily invested in keeping them on medication all while beholden to the insurance companies. Our founder, Dr. Camille Koontz, took matters into her own hands and went from having a Bachelor’s of Nursing to being a Doctor Of Naturopathic Medicine.

While we could list the long list of benefits that naturopathic medicine provides, we felt that we should let naturopathic results speak for themselves. Whether we have the pleasure of working with you in person or you’re seeking the support of naturopathic medicine somewhere outside our area, we want you to know that pursuing the power of this healing modality is likely a life-changing decision. Go give you an idea of what’s possible we wanted to share, in their own words, some of our client’s experiences with their naturopathic health results.

Results For Naturopathic Medicine Patients

While you can watch a short montage of our patients here, we wanted to share some of their stories more in-depth below.

Marty Elmore’s Story

“When I started seeing Dr. Koontz, I was living with what had been diagnosed as Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. I was extremely low on energy, always dragging tired, and suffering daily with brain fog and flu-like symptoms that would come and go. I felt weak, jittery, depressed and unmotivated, had achy joints and soft tissue, and a gassy tummy… and hair loss.

Today, I am thrilled to say ALL of my symptoms are gone!

With the first round of tests identifying Epstein Barr and your treatment prescribed, I was feeling better within weeks. The adjustment to my supplements remains in place to this day. The food elimination program identified a sensitivity to both corn and peanut butter; two foods I ate daily. I have remained off of caffeine which for me was thee most challenging part of the whole program. I am finding it hard to even drink decaf now. I feel a tightness in my chest and become anxious. Who knew I was so very sensitive to caffeine?!

I am back to work after a 10-month hiatus and just breezed through a gruelingly busy and physically demanding two months of Christmas retail. My energy held!!

And now, and I really can’t believe it, my hair is growing back!!!! I’ve had some pretty progressed hair loss for the past several years at the temples down to both ears and it was starting to go in the middle front of my scalp in about a quarter sized spot. All of a sudden, my hair is growing in everywhere.”

I started my program with foggy brain, stress, overwhelm, fatigue, weight gain, racing heart, aches and pains, and a lack of enthusiasm and joy. Now I've lost over twenty pounds, have increased energy and clarity, and a new sense of optimism about my future health. I'm in less pain, and the overwhelm is much less even though my life still has the same stressors. I'm grateful for these new-to-me wellness principles and now have a great foundation to build. I believe whole-heartedly I will continue to change, grow, and succeed!”

Donna’s Story - Weight Management

“Wow, just wow! I'd been feeling yucky for such a long time that I'd forgotten what it was like to feel good. I was worried that I'd fall back to bad habits but found getting through the holidays wasn't difficult. I didn't have cravings and kept this cart on the rails. I'm only a few weeks into my program and it's already exceeded my expectations.”

Jeannine’s Story - Rheumatoid Arthritis

“My rheumatoid arthritis pain was so high that I was facing more medications that had significant risk to my long-term health. The medications were giving me brain fog, I was irritable with my family and wished I could just have a healthy conversation with them. I was unhappy and considering early retirement, which I didn't want. In my program with Resilience Health & Wellness, I was able to eliminate 3 medications, and I'm almost off the 4th. Now I have little to no Rheumatoid Arthritis pain, I can exercise regularly, and I feel healthier and happier! I have the freedom to do chores around the house and no longer feel frustrated because my relationships with family are better.”

How To Start Experiencing Your Naturopathic Results

Are tired of suffering from chronic pain and fatigue? Are you ready to get off the endless hamster wheel of medication and feel empowered to take your vitality into your own hands? At Resilience Health & Wellness, we are here to help. Our program is special and effective, and it requires you to be all in. That’s why we offer a free webinar to help you understand more about what it’s like to work with our team to achieve the naturopathic results you desire and deserve. This way, you’ll better understand what your journey could look like and start getting excited about a true path to wellness.

Get started by watching the webinar here.

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