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Meet Our Naturopathic Doctor in Bellingham, WA

If you're searching for a naturopathic doctor in Bellingham, Washington, look no further! Let us introduce you to Dr. Camille Koontz and her Resilience Wellness Programs. She's an experienced and trusted Bellingham, Washington naturopathic doctor who genuinely cares about your well-being. Dr. Koontz takes a holistic approach to diagnosing your problems and offers personalized plans to address your specific health concerns. Her naturopathic medicine practice provides a warm and welcoming environment where you can embark on your journey toward optimal health. Put your faith in Dr. Koontz and discover the natural path to wellness!

Meet Dr. Camille Koontz, a Trusted Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Camille Koontz is the founder of Resilience Natural Medicine, a naturopathic clinic and healing center in Bellingham with over 40 years of service to the community. This clinic has been known as Northwestern Clinic for years and she took over from her mentor Dr. Wessels back in 2020. Over the years, she has built up Resilience Wellness Programs, which have helped hundreds of people overcome chronic conditions and achieve optimal health.

Dr. Koontz specializes in Individualized programs that address the roots of your illness, teach you tools to make sustainable changes, and mentor you when challenges arise on your journey.

Dr. Koontz is an experienced doctor, with her journey into healthcare starting at age 19 when she got her first job drawing blood samples for a little community hospital while studying nursing. Her nursing degree from Humboldt State University led her to question hospital medicine's approach to chronic disease. Her heart broke for the patients she encountered who were trapped in a system that managed symptoms with pills and procedures instead of identifying and addressing the root cause of an illness.

Burned out from being just another cog in the giant healthcare system and feeling disempowered, Dr. Koontz took ownership of her destiny. She began to study naturopathic medicine and its emphasis on treating the whole patient - body, mind, and soul. Today, Koontz enjoys a highly successful and rewarding career as a naturopathic doctor in Bellingham, WA.

Meet Our Naturopathic Health Coach

Coach Shasonta is here to work with you and support you as you work toward your health goals. Whether you’re coming to us for sluggish metabolism, chronic inflammation, or seeking an improvement in general wellness, we want you to feel better than you've felt before in your life - and believe us, that feeling is possible!

Life is too short and precious to be anything less than the best human being you can be. Your best self is attainable with the right treatment plan and support system. That first step can be scary - but know you're not alone. When you become a client of Resilient Wellness, you become part of the family and you’ll be able to work with a knowledgeable health coach.

Her health journey started many years ago when she was just a child. Her most recent powerful moment occurred when a boil-like rash spread from shoulder to shoulder, leaving her puzzled, in pain, and embarrassed. Determined to find answers, she visited the dermatologist once a month for eight months, hoping to figure out the cause. Each visit lasted only 10 minutes, resulting in a new prescription every time. Despite trying pills, steroid creams, skin scrapes, and biopsies, the rash stubbornly persisted. It wasn't until the eighth month that the doctor, seemingly struck by an epiphany, performed a third biopsy and suggested testing for celiac disease. After cutting gluten from her diet, she realized she had a passion for natural medicine and has pursued that calling ever since.

What Can a Naturopathic Doctor in Bellingham, WA, Do for You?

Naturopathic doctors in Bellingham, WA, provide numerous benefits to patients seeking holistic and natural healthcare solutions. With a focus on treating the whole person, rather than just the symptoms, a naturopathic doctor aims to uncover and address the underlying causes of health issues. Through personalized treatment plans, they can help patients achieve optimal wellness by utilizing a combination of natural therapies, such as herbal medicine, nutrition counseling, lifestyle modifications, and mind-body techniques.

We are fortunate to have many naturopathic doctors in Bellingham, Washington. Naturopathic doctors emphasize preventive care and empowering patients to take an active role in their health. By fostering a strong doctor-patient relationship based on trust and open communication, naturopathic doctors work collaboratively with individuals to support their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. In order to enhance the quality of life for their patients, naturopathic doctors offer comprehensive and individualized care to address chronic conditions, promote overall wellness, or address specific health concerns.

You’re Invited to Register for our Free Live Masterclass with Dr. Koontz.

We realize it’s impossible to truly get to know a person through a single blog. So, to fully understand how naturopathy can benefit you and address your specific health needs, it is highly recommended you join with Dr. Koontz and her team at our next Masterclass. She loves to teach about how Stress, Hormones, and Inflammation affect the body and how to get to the root of the issue. Just click the button on our homepage to get access to our next live event.

Or you can call our office at (360)922-8692. A phone call offers you the opportunity to talk with the team, discuss your concerns, and ask questions in a personal setting. This call will enable you to gain deeper insights into naturopathy, understand the services offered, and explore how Dr. Koontz and her team can support your well-being. Don't miss out on this invaluable chance to connect with knowledgeable professionals who can guide you on your path to better health.

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